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European Program

Here is our program in Europe

Wecair your International School has designed the Program in Europe to make you immediately operational in the eyes of major airlines.

Integrated or modular ATPL course on Aérocampus BORDEAUX 

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The first part (theoretical ATPL) of our program takes place on Aérocampus in Bordeaux. You will learn the 14 modules taught by our instructors, all experts in their field. High-tech teaching tools, virtual wall, instruments, aircraft etc. are on hand to make the training very concrete.
  • Mandatory continuous assessment
  • Revision sessions before final testing
  • Final examinations
  • Final examinations
  • Course exclusively in English

Duration 9 months

Latresne, Bordeaux

Initial phase of piloting in Belgium

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Then you go to Belgium to continue the adventure and make your first real flights.
  • Theoretical PPL course
  • Dual instruction flights
  • Solo flights
  • Night flight qualification
  • Solo maturing flights
  • Initial end-of-phase test
Advanced phase of piloting in Belgium
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Here is the last big step, Advanced Phase (CPL / IR / ME) + MCC / JOC + UPRT *

Advanced Flight Training :

  • Instrument flight training on multi-engine flight simulator
  • Dual Command Instruction Flights for Multi-Engine Instrument Rating
  • Training flights to instrument navigation
  • Final test CPL / IR / ME
  • Final proficiency test CPL / IR / ME *

* SPIC: Student Commander Captain (= flight with flight instructor acting as a safety pilot)


  • Theoretical classes, on the ground
  • Flight simulator training type Airbus A320

Duration 14 months

Belgium Flight School, Belgium

Bordeaux-Belgium UPRT Training


UPRT * module (Upset Prevention and Recovery Training) aims at raising awareness and strengthen the cognitive resources of pilots in emergency situations but also at preventing loss of control in flight. This training will also increase their resilience and confidence. This new module, both theoretical and practical in flight, will be compulsory for all pilot students and professional pilots from April 2020. It will be part of the prerequisites necessary to be able to start a first qualification of the "QT" type and thus work in an airline. WECAIR, with its team of test pilots, experts in the teaching of the UPRT, is the first European school to have integrated this specific program into the overall training curriculum for its pilots.

Lexicon :

  * CPL / IR / ME: Commercial Pilot License / Instrument Rating / Multi Engine: Professional Pilot License / Instrument Rating / Multi Engine Qualification

** MCC / JOC: "Multi crew cooperation" / "Jet Orientation Course" Training for crew work on jet aircraft

*** UPRT: Upset Prevention and Recovery Training Training for the Prevention and Recovery of Control Losses in Flight

**** SPIC: Student Pilot In Command / solo flight supervised by an instructor


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