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Our training programs

How to become the pilot that airlines and business aviation companies want to recruit ?

Through our unique EASA and FAA training programs.

Fly first program

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avion los angeles

International Program

Floride – Bordeaux – Bruxelles

World Program

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avion los angeles

International Program

Bordeaux - Florida - Brussels

European Program 

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Aéroport Bruxelles

European Program

Bordeaux - Brussels

Our programs start in Bordeaux, more precisely in Latresne, where the Aerocampus site is located. During 9 months our instructors will train you and share their professional experiences so that you can take your theoretical ATPL. Then, depending on your choice, you will fly to the international scene to continue your practical training and obtain your Airline Transport Pilot License.

Want to discover this exciting world before you decide? Our team is here to help you in your orientation 

Real job opportunities

We regularly receive job opportunities for our students. Airlines follow the evolution of our students for their future projects

Real interactions

The best way to learn in the aeronautical world, lies in observation, touch, communication ... it's the path to success

BECOME PILOT 108 / 5000 Résultats de traduction requires careful thought beforehand, do not hesitate to contact us for more information 

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