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Admissions at Aérocampus
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Registration for the admission exam is done directly online. Just choose one of the dates still available in the calendar below. Your participation will be validated after making the secure online payment (Registration fee of 120 euros). You automatically receive a registration confirmation. Instructions on how to participate as well as the keys to success for good preparation will also be sent to you.
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- To be 17 years old
- Completed Baccalaureate/ A-level/ high school diploma
- Having a good understanding of English

To anticipate

- Having obtained class 1 (medical tests in a accredited CEMPN center) before the start of the training

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2021 FULL
January 17, 2022

Registration for admission tests to 09/02/2021 until 11/02/2021

Phone +33656676094
Mail info@wecair.eu
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Admission tests

Wecair organizes admission tests to limit the risk of failure during your training. It is important for our students to have certain skills and knowledge before entering a professional airline pilot program. Airlines often rely on the same tools when recruiting.

The "Wecair" candidate must pass the test that has been developed to control certain essential areas of aptitude to the profession of pilot. 

The test will include the following exercises :
- CONTROL: a compensation task to the basic hand / foot / eye coordination

- SLALOM: follow-up task on hand / eye coordination.

- MATHEMATICS: Logic study

- MEMORY: Short term memory test

- TASK MANAGEMENT: Test the candidate's ability to digitize the screen and manage two simultaneous tasks with precision and speed.

- ORIENTATION: Interpretation of instruments, understanding and spatial orientation.

- TECH-TEST: Technical understanding test (physical test)

- AVIATION ENGLISH: English comprehension test, including recognition of ATC sound messages

- VERBAL REASONING: The ability of the candidate to understand, analyze and logically interpret written information.

CPP test

Psychometric testing is a standard scientific method used to measure an an individual's mental capacity or behavioral style. More specifically, the test can be referred to as a custom personality questionnaire that measures the relevant personality traits to assess skills, as mentioned above, for the pilot function (ab initio). At the end of the selection tests and after analyzing the results, you will know if you have been selected or not. Flight experience is not required to pass the test.

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