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Entrance exam

Admission exam WECAIR AFRICA
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L’inscription au concours d’admission se fait à Bordeaux ou en ligne. Il suffit de choisir une des dates encore disponibles dans l’agenda ci-dessous. Votre participation sera validée après avoir effectué le paiement sécurisé en ligne (Frais d’inscription de 70 euros pour la première phase en ligne). Vous recevez automatiquement une confirmation d’inscription. Les instructions concernant les modalités de participation ainsi que les clés du succès pour une bonne préparation vous seront également envoyées.

En cas de sélection pour la deuxième phase, un deuxième paiement de 70 Euro vous sera demandé. Bonne chance à vous !


The entrance exam process

Le concours d’admission se déroule en plusieurs phases :

The initial preselection phase :

Le concours se fait à Bordeaux ou en ligne et comprendra les exercices suivants :

- Analytical insight
- Spatial orientation
-Technical insight
- Logical reasoning
- Digital understanding
- Accuracy

Results: You will receive your exam results by email within 72 hours.

En cas de réussite, vous seriez convoqué pour la deuxième phase avancée de sélection.

Deuxième phase avancée de sélection Interview de motivation et tests à Bordeaux ou par visioconférence.


Frais de participation :
Phase 1 : 70 Euro
Phase 2 : 70 Euro (payable qu’en cas de réussite de la phase 1)
Phase finale : Gratuit

Prerequisites to join the training course

-To be at least 17 years old and over
-End of secondary school level
-Good understanding of the English language

To anticipate

(This is not a requirement for the entrance exam)

-To obtain a class 1 (medical tests at one of the CEMPN medical centres), please contact us for further information.

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Renseignements :
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Mail info@wecair.eu

Inscription aux tests d’admission ouverte :

Admission tests

WECAIR organises entrance exams to avoid the risk of potential failure during your training course. It is important that our students have already certain abilities and skills to join a professional airline pilot training course. Airline companies often use the same recruitment tools, which we have in place. We want to make sure you have the prerequisites to join an airline company prior to starting the training course.

Our objective is to train pilots who correspond to airline company’s requirements.

At WECAIR, we aim on excellence which will give you the best opportunities in your future employment.

The test will include the following exercises :
- CONTROL: a compensation task to the basic hand / foot / eye coordination

- SLALOM: follow-up task on hand / eye coordination.

- MATHEMATICS: Logic study

- MEMORY: Short term memory test

- TASK MANAGEMENT: Test the candidate's ability to digitize the screen and manage two simultaneous tasks with precision and speed.

- ORIENTATION: Interpretation of instruments, understanding and spatial orientation.

- TECH-TEST: Technical understanding test (physical test)

- AVIATION ENGLISH: English comprehension test, including recognition of ATC sound messages

- VERBAL REASONING: The ability of the candidate to understand, analyze and logically interpret written information.

CPP test

psychometric testing is a standard scientific method used to measure an individual's mental capacity or behavioural style. more specifically, the test can be referred to as a custom personality questionnaire that measures the relevant personality traits to assess skills, as mentioned above, for the pilot function (ab initio). at the end of the selection tests and after analysing the results, you will know if you have been selected or not. flight experience is not required to pass the test.

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