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from Florida to Belgium, through Latresne, Wecair trains future airline pilots. A "pragmatic" training course, that is "designed to meet the expectations of airlines".

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avion ready to take off

In uniforms, with meticulously ironed shirts,they listen "attentively" to their instructor and stand up almost to attention when a visitor interrupts their lesson ...

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« 20 Minutes » went to the the Wecair training school site, near Bordeaux, to meet future airline pilots, all convinced that the aviation sector will rebound very strongly after the pandemic crisis

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w181 première promotion de futurs pilotes

The training offer was designed from the need of the airlines, "who want operational pilots. That's why, for example,  training is 100% in English« , précise Krista Vandermeulen…

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Avion dans le ciel business
We are currently experiencing a very good time for hiring pilotsThe need to recruit pilots around the world amounts to 550,000 pilots for the next 20 years. This phenomenon is mainly explained by

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Avion dans le ciel business

Becoming an airline pilot is one of those myths that have fascinated people since the dawn of time. Many "Earthlings" find in aviation the means to escape their terrestrial condition. At the controls of a Boeing, an Airbus or a private jet ...

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